Concept x Designers

The "Ballerina Series" features an efficient and ergonomic design that draws inspiration from human movement.The design concepts are inspired by the movement and composition of ballet dancers. Designers challenged the traditional structure of the chair and attempted to explore new directions in aesthetics, functions, and sustainability.
At the aesthetic aspect, the Ballerina Series presents golden ratio of ballet dance. Instead of using nails, the chair uses the "mortise and tenon technique" to create a continuous extension of connection much like a dancers' movements. Sitting on this chair, you will definitely feel every detail, which had been through numerous brainstorming and modifications, giving it a vibrant soul, just like a real ballerina.



Ryan Meng

Ryan Meng

STIMLIG Co-Founder and designer. After obtained his master degree in Industrial Design, he went to Prague, CVUT, for advanced studies of Architecture. He believes a good design should be based on how people live. He specializes in transforming natural forms and behavior into design concepts, endowing it with a sense of vitality.


Guillaume Thomas


STIMLIG Design director, French Architect. Graduated from ENSA Paris Val de Seine. He believes in creating a better environment for people begins with the study of life styles and discussing from architecture, to space, to furniture scale. As Alvaro Siza said, "Architect don't invent anything, they just transform reality".


Movement of the Golden Ratio

Designers interpret the movements of ballet dance, transforming dancers' fluid-like moves into streamlines of chair legs. Meanwhile, the scene of holding arms upwards can also be seen as a graceful gesture of the armrest. As a whole, "Ballerina" armchair creates a confident and forceful feeling just like a real ballet dancer, performing a movement of the golden ratio.

Modern Design x Traditional Craftsmanship

Instead of using nails, traditional techniques-mortise and tenon, are applied to connect all its' joints. Driven by modern consumerism, this technique is vanishing day by day because of the modern mass production technique. Therefore, “Ballerina” can be seen as a perfect combination of modern design and traditional craftsmanship.

Meticulous Tactile Impression

Every designs in “Ballerina” series are produced through 5 procedures of manually fine grinding to provide meticulous and fine touch feeling of the surface.
Furthuermore, let the armrest rise slightly by 5 degrees to match your arms gesture to provide a comfortable support.


Human Factors

When people sit on the “Ballerina” armchair, they will experience its incredibly comfortable feeling. Designers adjust the seat back height to match the lower back position with smooth curves and high-density foam, providing a perfect support while you sit on it. In the details, three bentwood bonding techniques are used to subtly hide the fabric finishing. Besides, in order to provide more supportive feelings, designers also nudge the seat forward 3cm, making the position of the hip correspond to the back in sitting. As the result, the “Ballerina” armchair achieves the perfect balance of aesthetic and functionality.


Natural Solid Wood

The Ballerina is made of two different types of solid wood.
Black Walnut: The grain is stable and the color is exquisite. There are a medium texture and a moderate natural luster. The brown color shows elegant and steady feeling.
ASH: It has high hardness, high density, and straight grain, with moderate natural luster. Its pale cream color perfectly presents the pure image of “Ballerina.”


Pursuing Perfect Details

“Ballerina” was created through strict-standard design processes by a Taiwanese designer and a French architect. They exchange each other's experience and styles to achieve the perfect result of design. By making prototypes and modification countless times, the final goal is achieved that this beautiful series: Ballerina, which has a vibrant soul as real ballet dancer, is created.





Inspried by three most famous Ballet: Swan Lake, Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty